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This review applies to version 5.2. The latest version of this software will soon be reviewed by our informers.

The aim of Bamboo is to make using the most sophisticated and complicated technology as simple, intuitive and natural as possible. Why can′t drawing and sketching on a computer or phone be as simple as drawing and sketching on a piece of paper? Why can′t making notes on electronic documents be as intuitive as scribbling in the margins? Why do mobile devices have all the fun? Have you ever wanted to just point at the file on your desktop with your finger? Even wondered why only tablets and smartphones say ′touch me′ while laptops and desktops still have a ′don′t touch′ attitude?
With a Bamboo tablet you can feel the same way about your desktop (or laptop) as you do about working on your iPad or smartphone. Navigate by touch - feel your way round your files. And with the added advantage of being able to use a pen for those finer more precise activities where fingers feel like blunt instruments and only a fine point will do.

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